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Since 2011, Jared has been managing a YouTube channel featuring his own electric, and upright bass improvisations, walking bass demonstrations, instructional tutorials, transcriptions and original compositions. All content published to the channel is, and will always be free to view. However, producing high quality instructional videos is very time consuming. Please consider making a donation and support this free service. You can view a collection of Jared’s videos below:

This three part video series covers the basics of creating jazz chords from the bottom up. Let’s face it – jazz chords can be daunting to understand, and every Real Book out there uses these chords. Some of them look like maths equations! From simple, to complex. All chords are spelled out note for note, with audio examples along the way.

Jared’s YouTube channel was created, initially, as an aid to document and critique his own bass playing through improvisations using backing tracks. This practise continues today, and is an ongoing feature of the channel. Jared’s Anderson Travel Bass is a relatively new addition to the channel. It’s rich, woody tone sounds even more amazing recorded acoustically using a Zoom H4N Handy Recorder. Many have asked, “Is that a cello?”. Don’t let the small frame fool you. This double bass packs a real punch!

Instructional videos are the main feature of the channel. In the “Lessons” playlist I discuss the topics of:

  • Walking Bass Techniques / Methods
  • Improvisational Techniques / Methods
  • Jazz Harmony
  • Music Theory
  • Cool Bass Licks and much more!

If you’re interested in supporting my work through the YouTube channel please sign up to my Patreon page. Patrons receive early access to upcoming videos, exclusive PDF downloads of exercises and bass lines in Standard and TAB notations, and exclusive patron-only video episodes. 

Full access is $4.50 Australian, or you can opt for the $1 tier to say, “Thanks, mate!” 🙂

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